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August 2011

  • Building a Corporate Education Initiative
  • KPR Case Study: City of Austin Mentor and Tutor Program
  • The District-Wide, Curriculum-Based Partnership

July 2011

  • Saving the Endangered Partnership Director
  • KPR Case Study: TechBoston Academy
  • Research Roundup

May 2011

  • Building a Statewide Partnership Association
  • Letter from the Publisher: Mid-Year Resolutions
  • Three Keys to Building Strong Partnerships
  • Why Public Education?

April 2011

  • Evaluation: What to Measure, How to Measure
  • KPR Case Study: Unum's "Tech Night" Program
  • Three Ways to Tell if Your Foundation is Ready for Planned Giving (and What to Do if You Are)
  • Research Roundup

March 2011

  • An Interview with Linda Rosen, CEO of Change the Equation
  • A New National Partnership Group?
  • Careers: Going Green while Doing Good
  • KPR Case Study: The El Dorado Promise
  • Nurturing and Sustaining Relationships with Potential Donors

February 2011

  • How Florida's Local K-12 Education Foundations Are Advancing STEM Education
  • Thoughts from EEPC
  • Expert Roundup: Using Direct Mail
  • Social Media: Do We Want to Go There?
  • KPR Case Study: BCPS' Volunteer Management System
  • STEM Education Coalition Expands

January 2011

  • Chambers in K-12 Education - Then and Now
  • New Year, New Challenges
  • The Annual Fund Campaign
  • Expert Roundup: Finding Volunteers
  • KPR Case Study: The Bravo! Awards
  • GFE's Trends in Education Philanthropy Report
  • KPR Case Study: NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation

November 2010

  • A Move Toward Partnerships in STEM Education
  • Letter from the Publisher
  • KPR Case Study: Rockwell Collins' Engineering Experiences
  • ICW's The "Superman" Approach

October 2010

  • Top 10 Trends in K-12 Partnerships
  • Preparing Workers for Successful Careers
  • Early Childhood Education

September 2010

  • Can Your Partners and Donors Find You?
  • The TeamMates Mentoring Program
  • KPR Case Study: The Tulsa Chamber Education Plan
  • The Teachers' Guide/The Employers' Guide

August 2010

  • How Partnership Leaders Handle Retention
  • Strategies for Connecting with Stakeholders
  • KPR Case Study: The Micah Initiative
  • Conducting a Strategic Review

July 2010

  • Developing a Partnership Business Plan
  • KPR Case Study: Principal/Business Mentor Program
  • Volunteering - The Business Case
  • Equity versus Excellence

May 2010

  • Building Partnerships: What the Research Says
  • Letter from the Publisher
  • Expert Roundup: Finding Business Partners
  • KPR Case Study: Calgary's Career Pathways Initiative

April 2010

  • High-Needs Schools and Partnerships
  • Fostering Partnerships
  • The Full Scope of Community Support
  • Lessons Learned from the Annenberg Challenge

March 2010

  • Partnering with Education/Teacher Unions
  • National Networking (a directory of national partnership-related associations)
  • KPR Case Study: The Seamless Education Partnership
  • Getting Down to Business in America's Classrooms

February 2010

  • The Three Factors Behind Great Partnerships
  • Benchmarking 2009: Trends in Education Philanthropy
  • Cost-Effectiveness of School-Based Mentoring
  • Registered Apprenticeships

January 2010

  • Lessons from Las Vegas
  • KPR Case Study: Pacific Life Foundation's Nonprofit Internship Experience
  • Have a Little Faith
  • Building the Partnership Pyramid

November 2009

  • Leading with Limited Authority
  • New Report: Thriving in Challenging Times
  • KPR Case Study: The LEAD Program
  • The National Academy Foundation
  • Conducting an Asset Inventory

October 2009

  • An Interview with Chris Tebben, executive director of Grantmakers for Education
  • KPR Case Study: FIRST
  • Partnership News and Announcements
  • Writing Winning Partnership Proposals

September 2009

  • Volunteer Management
  • KPR Case Study: WorkReady Philadelphia
  • Engaging the Business Community
  • 12 Essential Partnership/Foundation Resources

August 2009

  • Reaching Out to the Public
  • KPR Case Study: The Education Engagement Project
  • Planning for Community Outreach
  • BHEF and Raytheon Launch New Modeling Tool
  • Advancing Student Achievement

July 2009

  • Measurement and Evaluation: A Strategic Tool for Partnership Design and Management
  • Letter from the Publisher
  • Thomas Jefferson: A Partnership-Driven High School
  • KPR Case Study: Luxottica Mentoring Partnership
  • The Benefits of Tracking In-Kind Contributions
  • Research Review: Involvement of Business in Education

May 2009

  • Strategic Planning with Your Advisory Board
  • KPR Case Study: The Teachers Warehouse
  • An Interview with Ranjit Sidhu
  • Planning to Meet the Needs of All Partners
  • KPR Case Study: Door County Career Awareness Campaign

April 2009

  • What's In It for Your Partner Organizations?
  • CFEF Survey on Education Foundations
  • Project Lead The Way
  • An Interview with Rick Hess
  • ICW Unveils Partnership Initiative
  • KPR Case Study: Simon Youth Foundation

March 2009

  • The Case for Community-School Partnerships
  • An Interview with Bill Hoffman
  • Developing Workforce Skills through Project Based Learning
  • Grant Writing is Not About the Writing
  • KPR Case Study: Houston A+ Challenge Teacher Externships
  • Building a K-12 Education Foundation: Conducting a Feasability Study

February 2009

  • Getting the Most from Your Volunteer Program
  • An Interview with “Dr. Mentor”
  • Targeting The Forgotten Middle
  • KPR Case Study: Operation Excellence
  • Skills-Based Volunteering at Deloitte
  • KPR Case Study: The Florida PASS Program
  • Engaging Business Leaders

January 2009

  • An Interview with Rebecca Lucore of Bayer
  • The Case for Middle-Skill Preparedness
  • BHEF Unveils Online Resource Center
  • KPR Case Study: The Gowan Achievement Project
  • How to Build an Effective Board
  • KPR Case Study: The Middle Grades Partnership
  • Bonus: KPR Guide to Federal Science Education Programs



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The K-12 Partnership Report was published between January 2009 and August 2011 to provide original reporting on partnership practices, research, and case studies. DeHavilland Associates now publishes the monthly newsletter for the Business/Education Partnership Forum under the same name, but the past issues of the original newsletter continue to be available for anyone interested in building strong and sustainable partnerships.

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