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About the Business/Education Partnership Forum

What is this site?
The Business Education Partnership Forum is intented to be a resource for anyone involved in building successful partnerships between businesses and K-12 schools, from local initiatives to national programs. It offers news, information, and resources to help prospective partners learn about building successful business/education partnerships.

Is the Business Education Partnership Forum a 501c3 nonprofit?
Like Craig’s List, we’ve chosen a .org to indicate the noncommercial nature of this site; however, the Forum is not a 501c3. That may change if 501c3 status is needed to allow the Forum to better serve its audience.

Who’s behind it?
Biz4Ed.org was built by Brett Pawlowski of DeHavilland Associates, a consulting firm that helps companies effectively engage in K-12 education.

Is there any charge to participate?
The BEP Forum is a noncommercial venture, and there is no cost whatsoever to use the site. If you want to support our work, you can become a sponsor – money received through sponsorships will be used to market the site in hopes of reaching more partnership professionals.

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